Ask Annabelle – DIY – Fold Over Elastic Hair Ties, Wristbands and Headbands

Ask Annabelle – DIY – Fold Over Elastic Hair Ties, Wristbands and Headbands


Dear Annabelle, I have noticed that Wholesale Girls is now offering fold over elastic hair tie bracelets.  I really like this product, the elastic is so soft and never pulls on my hair.  I wondered if you could give me a few tips on how to make them myself using the wholesale stretch elastic by the yard that you sell?  Thanks! – Kate (Woodinville, WA)

Hi Kate, Absolutely! You are correct there is $.49 Stretch Elastic by the Yard available on Kay Boutique’s Wholesale Website. There are many colors to choose from! These elastic hair ties are so trendy and SO easy to make.    I made this DIY  tutorial and YouTube video to walk you through how to make Fold Over Elastic Hair Ties and Headbands that double as convenient and fashionable wristband. When you make your own,  be sure to share pictures with us on our Facebook page! Enjoy!


Supplies you will need:

*$0.49 Stretch Elastic by the Yard


*Ruler (for measuring elastic)

*Scissors (for cutting the elastic to length)

*Craft Lighter (to singe the cut edges)


Step 1: Cut the Stretch Elastic into desired length (recommended 20 inches for headbands & 10 inches for hair ties).


Step 2:  Fold over the strip of Stretch Elastic.


Step 3: Tie knot close to the ends of elastic.

Step 4: Adjust by moving the knot towards the end of the elastic.

Step 5: Cut the edges of the elastic, so that it looks even.

Step 6: Singe edges of elastic with craft lighter to prevent unraveling.


Step 7: Depending on the length, wear your creation as a headband or hair tie! Both double as a wristband!


Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial. Please check out the Kay Boutique You Tube Channel for the most recent video tutorial on this topic.